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2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Dara Connolly

Dara Connolly reviews The Game Changer Formula by Rory Prendergast

Before I read The Game Changer Formula, I thought I was organised, productive and maximising my time in work and with family. Having read the book and started the process, I have seen significant improvements within weeks and can see how I will make further improvements.

Like Erik Weihenmayer’s Adversity Advantage, author Rory Prendergast comes to ‘self-help’ with his own truth, the humility that comes with mature understanding, and the courage of his convictions. Prendergast updates the efforts of predecessors – from Ben Franklin to Dale Carnegie to Stephen Covey – for an era where change comes daily, seemingly minute-by-minute. 

The book is practical, and the author wastes no time – or words – getting to the point. The result is a simple formula and 10-step process that will deliver predictable success in business, in the family or wherever you need it.

The elements required for predictable success according to Rory are: A clear vision and direction, a positive and focused mindset, plenty of mental and physical energy and last but certainly not least, accountability to ensure you get things done.

To maximise these elements for the reader, Rory has created a 10-step plan that has been tried and tested successfully with hundreds of people all over the world.

These are laid out clearly and in simple language with diagrams where appropriate.

I was sceptical before I read this book. Was this going to be just another of those “improve your life” manifestos which makes the reader feel guilty?

I was pleasantly surprised though. This book is written in a very conversational style with a large dollop of human interest throughout. I loved the concise distillation of many effective self-development paradigms into a very relatable set of principles and ideas. All this was woven with some exciting stories of the author’s transatlantic sailing adventures. In addition, Rory’s ‘Daily Planner’ tool acts as true north.

I can highly recommend this book for anyone who is prepared to make an extra effort to achieve success, who is prepared to change ways to improve and who has an open mind on self-development and learning. 

Be warned, however, you may be tempted to buy a boat when you are finished reading!

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