Whitney Johnson is an expert on disruptive innovation, a subject on which she has collaborated with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen. Here she discusses how disruptive innovation can apply to careers as well as businesses, the key theme in her book, ‘Build an A team’.

In this episode, the leading Swiss business theorist says that traditional business plans are a ‘fantasy refined’ and explains a better path to innovation.

Bureaucracy is stifling innovation efforts in the world’s top companies. We need to kill it and reengineer the model for innovation, the Harvard and London Business School professor argues in this episode.

The lines are now blurring between humans and machines in the workplace with implications for productivity, security, employment and ethics amongst other things. Futurologist and business consultant Alexandra Levit ranges over this fascinating subject in her new book Humanity Works which she discusses here.

In this podcast, the co-author of Innovation Capital (HBR Press) discusses the research for this book that uncovers some of the surprising reasons why some entrepreneurs succeed and other don’t and what innovators can learn from it.

Author, consultant and practicing medical doctor John Briffa discusses some simple strategies that individuals and organisations can implement to reduce workplace-related stress.

David Meade runs hugely entertaining, engaging and interactive keynotes/workshops with organisations to improve the way they work and perform through comprehensive management, leadership, and operational development programmes. With his dynamic and engaging presentation style, David has become known for an innovative style that forces audiences to think critically about the challenges around them.